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Beach Wedding Party

Would you like to have a beautiful wedding party under the sea sky? Let your colors be selected by your creator. Let us get with a turquoise sky contrasted by a white sand beach. Decide your water colors depending on the time of day. As the sun rises or sets over this occasion let the orange ball of light speak of eternity as its color spectrum dances in your mind. Let the sound of waves provide your music.

 Even the solitary crabs will come out of their homes to see this occasion! The clams will clap their shells in approval! The sea gulls and pelicans will get a bird's eye view. They may even take a day off from fishing! The dolphins will break the surface to catch a glimpse. 
A sea foam green carpet stretched from the gazebo to the water will provide continuity. A guest book for surfers and beach bums would be polite. A bare foot dance in the sand would be down to earth. When the crabs come out to dance with you things are getting right! 
Let your gown, slippers and jewelry match your creation! Sea food should be on the menu. 
Let your wedding cake colors match your neighborhood. Let your mind with the creativity god has given you compliment your creator! Please don't forget your departure time for your cruise ship! The party isn't over.

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