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Anniversary Invitations: Celebrating a Milestone

Anniversary Invitations: Celebrating a Milestone

For every anniversary there is a different theme. If you are choosing to throw a party to celebrate your anniversary, choosing the right invitation can be a very important step in party planning. 

If it is your first year anniversary, the theme is paper, 25th is silver and 50th is gold. For a full list of anniversary gifts by year pick up any wedding etiquette book. It is full of useful information for after the big day. There are many beautiful gold and silver invitations that will help you to commemorate this special time. 

If someone besides the couple is hosting an anniversary party it is easy to select a lovely anniversary invitation. Keep in mind the anniversary year and the style of the couple who is celebrating. With this information, the host can select the invitation that best matches the couples anniversary and interests. 

There are so many varying styles of anniversary invitations. There are cards, tri-fold invitations, and invitations with matching RSVP cards. Depending on how formal the event will be, invitations can range from very simple to very ornate. Again, it is up to the couple or the host to which type of invitation will be selected.

Anniversaries are a very special time, and a very proud time for a couple who wishes to celebrate their love. Whether it is the first year of marriage or the fiftieth, all celebrations begin the moment guests receive their anniversary invitations. Set the mood and choose the perfect invitations.

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